What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a concept of combining hardware and software that are provided as a service over the Internet and this is usually done through the Internet connections. Cloud hosting allows users to make use of the cloud based infrastructure as well as the applications and services offered by the cloud hosting providers. Cloud hosting is the on-off availability of computing resources, mainly computer hardware and/or software, directly from the user without requiring active management by that user. The word cloud is usually used to describe virtual data centers accessible to several different users over the Internet.

Things You Should Know About Cloud Hosting Solutions

This service has a number of advantages over traditional servers and VPS (virtual private server) which are some of the reasons why cloud hosting offers a higher bandwidth and higher uptime. Through cloud hosting, a company can save on capital expenditure, as it does not require purchasing expensive server hardware and it also allows for better scalability with a minimal investment. With this, companies are able to provide guaranteed service level agreements and even adjust the time to meet their customer’s needs.

Cloud hosting can be compared to the concept of dedicated server hosting wherein the client has a control over the operating system, hardware and software. However, in the case of cloud hosting, the client is not restricted with any hardware or software, and he can easily change them as and when required without having to reinstall the OS. This helps in improving the overall data security of the website. Since there is no need to purchase any extra hardware and maintain the physical machine physically, the overall cost of the service provider is reduced.