Police Informations On Meth Testing In Auckland

Meth testing Auckland

Recently Meth testing Auckland has become increasingly mandatory. The main reason for this is meth labs that have been set-up in residential neighborhoods. ” Levels of Meth in the west Auckland area were previously hundreds of times below the recent loosened criteria” says Christchurch Detective Inspector James Croucher. “I believe that this is because the users are coming from our poor suburbs, many of which are actually quite poor.” Meth testing has become more strict as a result of these criminals, and in my opinion the police are doing the right thing by implementing this policy.


Meth testing in Auckland is now optional for all residents who rent properties on an ongoing basis. If you currently live or own a rental property in Auckland and have detected any active drug related activities inside or outside your home, it is now imperative that you contact your property owner immediately and arrange a random Meth Testing. The cost of a Meth test is not much and is no where near as expensive as a house arrest for a serious offense such as possessing or trafficking in a narcotic. In fact Meth testing is cheaper than jail for first time offenders.


Unfortunately, meth labs are a problem that does not discriminate and are prevalent in all areas of Auckland. I have spoken to several Police Officers who openly admit that they struggle every day to deal with the problem. One officer stated that meth labs “are like cockroaches”. Meth labs are a continual problem for Police Departments and despite the advice given by Police, it is clear that meth addicts are not always caught on tape, have a range of excuses and will often leave the scene of the crime.