Advantages of Purchasing Gold Jewelry Wholesale

The key component of gold jewelry wholesale business is to know the break down of the price of a particular piece of gold jewelry in wholesale. Let’s say that the standard price today is $ 500 per ounce. To calculate the value of gold per piece of 14-karat gold jewelry that weights 3 gram without any other stones, simply divide the price per gram by the number of grams in the piece. This will give us the wholesale gold jewelry price. Next, we will take one gram of each piece and multiply this by the number of grams in each piece to get the weight per gram of the jewelry. Now, we can determine the gold wholesale cost.

The Secret Of Advantages Of Purchasing Gold Jewelry Wholesale

Some common categories of gold jewelry include fashion, wedding, or personalized pieces. You will need to know the wholesale price of each category of gold jewelry so that you can get the perfect wholesale price that you can sell to your customers at an excellent profit margin. A simple way to do this is by looking for a few websites that sell wholesale gold jewelry on eBay. Many times these websites will have a special section where different gold jewelry categories are listed so you can quickly search for the item that you are looking for.

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing at the warehouse outlet is the advantage of shopping around. You can literally shop around and compare the different prices being offered by several different jewel factories. This is a very easy advantage, especially if you know what you are looking for. One disadvantage of purchasing at a jewelry factory is the inconvenience of delivery. In addition to this, you need to factor in the time needed by the delivery person to deliver the jewelry to your home.

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