Can You Buy Marijuana Dispensary Equipment in Canada?

Can you believe that in Canada there are hundreds of Marijuana Dispensaries! That is right; Canada is the envy of the entire world. There are no laws that prohibit the use, possession or cultivation of marijuana within the confines of our own borders. That’s right; with such relaxed policies on cannabis, there are no more excuses for non-stop marijuana use by young people.

The A – Z Guide Of Cannabis Dispensary Canada

The Canadian government has recently introduced a bill to legalize and regulate the production, importation and distribution of marijuana, as well as impose some fine terms and conditions on existing growers and sellers. As with any legislation that affects the lives of Canadian citizens, they are very much considering the pros and cons of the bill. It’s expected that the bill will be passed by the spring. And when it is, Canadians will once again be able to enjoy the great benefits of legalized marijuana without fear of arrest or criminal prosecution.

There is currently no standard size of cannabis dispensary store, but the type of equipment needed is pretty minimal. Typically, the smaller grower is only able to produce a few grams at a time, which is perfectly fine for most home use. A large industrial scale grower is going to require a lot more space and much more water to cultivate the same amount of marijuana. The type of cannabis you choose to grow really depends on personal preference. Most gardeners will tend towards the herbal varieties, as they are easier to grow and maintain.