Australia Work Visa – Takes Up Australia Work Experience Abroad

work visa

A work visa – vanhack or work permit is basically the legal permission to engage in a certain activity in a foreign country. The work permit would allow the individual to work and enables the person to take up employment in that country irrespective of the law in that particular country regarding the country’s laws on immigration. In most instances, it can be extended if the employment contract is still valid and there are no restrictions being imposed on the period of stay.


Work permits and visas have different legal aspects but most of the times they are applied for by the same authority, that is the Employment certificate office. However, the criteria for the application of the work visa and work permits may differ from one authority to another. The main differences are on the basis of age, professional qualifications, period of stay, criminal record, and so on. When it comes to the various countries, the countries may issue different types of work permits and visa cards.


The work visa and work permits are issued to the foreign national on the basis of the fact that he has a genuine reason to enter into Australia as a skilled or semi-skilled worker or the foreign national is an Australian permanent resident and eligible to receive financial benefits under the immigration scheme. The work visa and work permits are usually granted to the foreign national, once he has fulfilled the eligibility criteria specified in the application form. As soon as the application is approved, the visa holder is required to depart for Australia without prior notice or alternative agreement. If the foreign national is not able to leave Australia during his stay, he may be required to obtain the Immigration visa and work permit from the Australian government.