Manuka Honey – How it Works

manuka honey new zealand

The Manuka honey New Zealand has only recently begun to take notice of the special properties of this rare honey from the rainforests of the central part of the island. This special honey is a rich combination of several species of bee called the Manuka Honey Bee. These bees are native to the forests around the Manuka honey bush and it is estimated that the honey produced by the Manuka bees is up to 80% more powerful than the honey produced by the other bee species on the island.

Manuka Honey – How it Works

When you buy Manuka honey in New Zealand you will be amazed at the many benefits that are being offered to consumers. These honey products are great for your health as well as for the environment as they do not contain any harmful chemicals. One product in particular is named as Manuka Honey Gel, which is an anti-aging treatment that has been recommended by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and others.


For the best Manuka honey in New Zealand you should check out the company Manuka Honey which is based out of New Zealand. There are many different companies that sell these products but one thing that you should look out for is a company that is offering you free shipping or a discount. Most of the companies that sell the Manuka Honey products will offer you free shipping as well as free trials and this is why they are so successful. Make sure you find a company that offers you a good price on your Manuka Honey.

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